"Dear Robert:

Thanks for presenting an IEP workshop to members of my group of parents last night in Spanish.   You did a very good job and really helped the parents understand their rights.

We look forward to your coming back."

-Jessica Cruz, President of Sol Autism Team

"I am a medical student with a disability that intereferes with my daily functioning, including medical school. I was having trouble in medical school and did not believe my accommodations matched my disability. I was subsequently dismissed from school. I was extremely distraught. I sought help from Mr. Gidding.

I wanted the school to understand my disability, to reinstate me, and to better accommodate my disability. Mr. Gidding was able to help me achieve all of this. He was very quick to understand my situation and went straight to work when I told him about my case. He was alway on top of things and was always very compelling while making his argument - always hitting the key points and always very assertive. He is extremely dedicated and hard-working. This shows in the results. I am reinstated, better accommodated, and happy to be back in medical school.

From the moment I met Mr. Gidding, I could see that he is very compassionate about his work and puts his heart into it. Mr. Gidding has completely changed my life and has given me faith and hope for the future. I absolutely with 110% conficence recommend Mr. Gidding. Stick with him and he will give you the best results you want! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Mr. Gidding, for everything you have done for me."

"My family and I thank you for your help and instructions you have given us for the past 2 years, for Mildred and Patrick Scott Zarr. I appreciate and praise you for the quality of work and the efficient and it timely manner that you performed your duties. Mildred is graduating from High School with a 3.0 Average. She will continuing her education to college level with a good profession. I thank you for continuing the process of getting the best assistance in education for Patrick. In the near future your hard work and effort will pay off. Ms Dorothy Scott Zarr says 'I thank you from the bottom of my heart.'"

Dorothy Scott Zarr

"Hello my name is Sarah Anderson I would like to share my experience with you  well to make along story short our daughter is a special ed  student who needs has not been met for years as her parents yes we struggle to get her most of the things she needed   to have  a good education but still something was missing and her life. the school never had plans for her to have a real future outside of school . then one day someone told me about Mr. Robert Gidding oh he show me a whole new light he was always available even on weekends  Mr. ROBERT Gidding has got me a nice settlement for the hours the school didn't  corporate with our child's needs that was noted in her i.e.p Mr. Robert Gidding was available for all my meeting even when I gave short notice . Mr,. Robert Gidding is a good lawyer if you want things done today.  he will stay with you until the team comes to agreement that will benefit his claimant's . Mr. Robert Gidding help now our daughter now she will  graduate high school with the extended year that the school keep trying to get you to agreed with and our daughter already did the extended year more then enough times see this is something they offer if they can not help they just keep you in school in don't teach then it becomes too late for them to help you because of your child's age ,but Mr. Robert Gidding he work his magic and made things happen. , and she will start a working program while she is still in school  . and still get everything she need to be a success and now our daughter has high hope because he did the right things she will also be graduating with her class in 2010 . she will even try to go on the prom , our daughter has also been giving the opportunity to work in the school office until a program is available for her and that starts on Dec. 21, 2009. I would like to thank MR. Robert Gidding for his time and patients,he is ruff but he get the job done. " 

Brian Anderson , Sarah Anderson

"Thanks so much for helping me with my custody case. I know this is a very tough case requiring a lawyer with experience, knowledge and persistence which you definitively have.  I know I can count on you to help me increase my contact with my children and solve this case! Thanks for a very good job."


Alexander Panku

"Our son has a very severe, life-threatening allergy to peanuts. Because of the nature of his allergy we wanted to create a 504 Service Agreement with his school. My wife and I contacted Mr. Gidding when we were told by school officials that our son did not qualify for this service agreement.

Mr. Gidding was instrumental in helping us obtain a service agreement for our son. He is very knowledgeable about 504 Service Agreements and gave us excellent guidance and advice on how to go forward in our future dealings with the school district officials. We are certain that the information and direction we received from Mr. Gidding was pertinent to the favorable resolution we had in this matter."

Brian and Sally Burke

"It is my distinct pleasure to write this letter of character reference for Robert Gidding.

I am a financial planner, a special care planner. I educate families, with children and adults with special needs on financial planning to plan and protect their love ones. I am from Argentina, born and raised, educated in Argentina, Brazil, Israel and the U.S.A.

I have known and worked with Robert for over 16 years now, and find hime to be consistently a trustworthy person. Robert is of good moral character, with strong ethics and is a trusted professional in his field.

We have worked together presenting educational seminars for the Latino community and other non-profit organizations, and we were both members of the same professional networking work for years.

Robert's ability to, not only speak fluently Spanish but also understanding the different cultures, his caring personality, professional knowledge, and work ethics add value and impact people's lives.

I would highly recommend Robert Gidding to my clients who need someone that will always put their needs first.

Robert runs his personal life as well as his professional one, with close personal relationships that are long lasting and healthy. It is an honor to know Robert as a friend and as professional."

Veronica Strauss, CLTC, CFBS
Financial Planner, Special Care Planner

Dear Mr. Gidding,

Thank you for taking the time to speak to Deleware County Down Syndrome Interest Group about special education law at our September Meeting. All in attendance found the talk to be highly informative and a great guide to our legal rights. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any parent in need of similar information and look forward to having you back to speak again.

Best regards,

Michael Evenosky
President DelcoDSIG Group

Dear Mr. Robert Gidding, Esq.,

Thank you so much for fighting for our daughter, whereas others told us it was hopeless and we felt powerless against a school district you became Becca’s champion to fight for her rights and her natural progression into middle school.   You gave us the tools to help her succeed and really did everything necessary to make sure she would

be placed in the proper program and school district. Because of your help, my daughter will not have to start all over in another district where she knew no one.  The district would never have done the right thing without your intervention.

My hopes are that other lawyers such as yourself are willing to go the distance that you did! We know that if necessary, you will be on the sidelines waiting to help. My other wish is that parents that desperately need you find you!    

With our sincerest and warmest gratitude,

Mrs. Kimberly Short  

Dear Mr. Gidding, once again it's absolutely a pleasure working with you & I appreciate how you are proactive in my son's case & very attentive to his situation. I truly appreciate all you have done for my son. Your a hell of a guy!


Koreé Boyd

P.S, My son is doing very well in the new private school that he is in as a result of your services.